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The best online food ordering system for pubs, bars, cafes, casual restaurants, beach clubs, theme parks, food trucks and more: DINE NOW is a versatile system that can be customized to restaurants’ unique operational requirements. As a leading online ordering system, DINE NOW provides an affordable solution that instantly improves customer experience.

Dine Now is providing the best order management software in Australia.We are offering the best QR food ordering system to make digital payment easier for your customers. Theordering system for restaurants in Australia is now conveniently accessible for all. We are providing reliable online food ordering system in Australia to ensure you run your café smartly. Now, your menu with high-quality image is easily accessible through online takeaway ordering system in Australia. We strive to modernize the way restaurant operates through self-ordering system in Australia. Our electronic ordering system for food is easy to use and makes billing and ordering process easier.

Restaurant Self-Ordering System in Australia

With the advent of this pandemic, many businesses have suffered huge losses in exchange for ensuring the safety of the community. DINE NOW offers Restaurants an astounding opportunity to get back into its game and allow customers into their premises* to let them enjoy their favourite food at their favourite restaurant alongside ensuring minimal customer-object contact.

We offer QR food ordering system software that allows customers to scan the QR code through their phones and order food at their own pace. The only time they come in contact with a person is when the waiter comes to serve the food. This is also beneficial for the businesses as it offers a hassle-free communication between the restaurant & customers and can help restaurants save cost by reducing staff levels.


Customers can scan QR code using their phones to access restaurant menu.


Restaurants can reduce overheads and increase profits.


A shift to online food ordering system will help restaurants to achieve zero-error in order record & preparation.


QR code scanning offers minimal contact with external objects like restaurant menus or payment receipts to avoid the spread.


With less hassle to place an order manually, the table service will improve drastically.

How we work

1. Scan the QR code through your phone at the restaurant table

2. Code takes you to the menu to place your order

3. Order at your own pace, with no surrounding pressure

4. Assign yourself a table number & pay

5. Restaurant staff only comes to place food on the table

6. Drinks to go to the table directly

7. After enjoying your food in the restaurant, you can simply leave or re-order